Mother has worked hard all her life to put good food on the table for the family. Since young I have seen how she took time and effort to prepare the dishes by herself like yam abacus, yong tau foo etc or goodies during CNY. I have enjoyed being with her in the kitchen during those times. To a point where she and father opened an F&B place in our own home! (like a restaurant) We were not trained chefs, but it warms our hearts when we can concoct a meal for the family.. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't and that's the fun part! mykitchenette - with her recipe and mine, to come up with home cooked dishes for all to relish....some reminds me of my childhood memories...

Mini Fruit Tarts

homemade tart shells and custard cream, buttery base and smooth cream with fruits to give you that satisfying taste and texture...perk up that mood with the bustling colors...keep smiling!

Yam Abacus

YAM/TARO - take this as a meal or a side dish, comes with minced pork, mushrooms, beancurd, dried shrimp, black fungus, coriander...yamm yamm

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Uses dark chocolate chips to give it a little bit more chocolaty taste...not too sweet but sweet enough to satisfy your tooth...I mean sweet tooth...handy packs for parties, door gifts..

Yam Abacus Seeds

Want to cook it your style but don't want to mess it up or simply no time? Let us mess it up for you..nope not frozen ones but FRESHLY MADE only when you put in the order. 400g/box for 1-2 pax.